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PPSS Bullet Resistant Vest

When choosing body armour for the police or law enforcement agencies, it's important that it provides effective protection against the wide range of threats an officer may face on a daily basis.

Gun and knife attacks are less frequent than an impact based assault and that's why PPSS have manufactured their bullet and stab resistant vests with blunt trauma protection.

Their product catalog can be viewed here.


PPSS Cut & Slash Resistant Clothing

PPSS have developed Cut-Tex® PRO, a cut and slash resistant fabric that has been made into protective clothing such as the PPSS Body Armour Base Layer. Providing extra protection, it can be worn underneath body armour.


PPSS Slash Resistant Gloves

If you're looking for police gloves, PPSS have developed a range of superior gloves that are not only slash resistant, but they also offer optional needle resistance.


All PPSS body armour and clothing is comfortable, lightweight and suitable for any environment that an officer may be working in.

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Night Vision & IR Thermal Camera

These Automatic Intruder Detection System and High Performance Sensor Stabilized Payload are used for solutions for surveillance and reconnaissance.

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Tsunami Shelter - STATIM Shelter

STATIM Shelter stands for Storm, Tornado And Tsunami Interconnected Module Shelters. This very innovative system was created for the need for a specialized emergency shelter for our lives.

Please see the details about STATIM Shelter here.

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NGLS systems are lighter, smaller, and louder than legacy speaker systems, with added clarity and durability!

The NGLS is a portable loudspeaker system that is capable of disseminating high quality recorded and live audio messages in varied geographical areas and climate conditions.
The future of battlefield audio is clearly here.





For instalation of vehicle and ship






For portable usage to carry like back-pack

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