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e3 Fitness Grips
(e3 fitness grip :

“Whether you are an athlete, a senior, wanting to move without pain, or just interested in staying fit, our e3 fitness grip can help you!”

The e3 fitness grip、is a revolutionary biomechanical hand positioning system for walking and all types of athletic activities. This patented technology can also be used for those who are recovering from lower limb injuries.

The e3 fitness grip helps you

  •     Improve your balance, stability, and muscle recruitment,
  •     Obtain more power and speed with less effort and
  •     Reduce or eliminate injury and pain.

The e3 fitness grip was invented by Stephen Tamaribuchi, one of the nation's top consultants for prevention of repetitive strain injuries through his twenty years of experience in the field of human biomechanics. He has been working with both sports athletes and "corporate athletes" suffering from repetitive stress injuries.

 <Without e3 Grips>



  1. The sholder position and hip position is uneven on the right and left.
  2. The knee is pointing outside.
  3. The toe is pointing outside as well.

<With e3 Grips>

  1. e3 minimize weight shift
  2. e3 keeps knee track straight ahead, directly over the foot and under the hip
  3. e3 helps right foot align with the direction of travel

<Example of use for various purposes>

  •     Running/ Walking
  •     Hiking
  •     Neurological disorders
  •     Agility Training
  •     Computer Users
  •     Golf
  •     Yoga
  •     Throwing Sports (Baseball, softball, discus, shot-put, and other throwers)
  •     Tennis
  •     Martial Arts
  •     Desk Work

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