We offer following service
-Export, import, trading, marketing planning& Test Marketing

-Support of aircraft parts for Ministry of Defense in Japan
-Distribution of equipment and technology for safety, security, and defense
-Distribution of sporting goods
-Cousulting services for new business ventures, TAA, investment
-Business incubation services in the USA as branch offers of Japanese firms
-Export License Application Services


We offer our products and services in the following fields:

Law Enforcement, Military & Security

  •     Night Vision
  •     IR Thermal Camera
  •     Aircraft Parts for JSDF (Japan Self-Defens Forces)
  •     Tsunami Shelter - "STATIM" Shelter
  •     NGLS - Next Generation Loudspeaker System MANPACK & VHEHICLE/WATERCRAFT
  •     PPSS Bullet Resistant Vest
  •     Unico swiss tex GmbH Personal Cooling System
  •     Corrosion X - Eliminates Corrosion, Lubricates, Penertate

Health & Sporting

  •     e3 Fitness Grip - "Balance is Power"
  •     Running & Weight Loss Trainging Method

Eco & Renewable Energy

  •     VAWT Enepro Wind Turbine
  •     Steril Air "UVC" Emitter


Fire Fighting

  •     DSPA - Aerosol Fire Suppressing and eExtinguishing System
  •     Tetra KO - Water-Base Fast Fire Extinguisher
  •     Carbon X - Non-Flammable Fabrics

Engineering & Construction Services

  •     Food Industries
  •     Waste Managements