Dear Friends:

NAKAO INTERNATIONAL CONSULTING & ENTERPRISES-NIC&E or NAKAO INTERNATIONAL C&E is established to promote international Export-Import Trading and Distribution of goods between the USA and the worldwide markets. I founded NAKAO INTERNATIONAL C&E in April of 1990.

In this ever-changing international society, NIC&E would like to bring 'NICE' products to customers' hand. NIC&E would like to help the USA manufactures to export and distribute products from the USA to the worldwide markets and also would like to help people understand each other and to overcome differences in culture, tradition, history, religion, social system, economy, etc through trading. May Peaceful and Happy Lives flourish through International Trading!

"Trust in NIC&E" is the goal I would like to achieve.

I look forward to meeting with you in the near future.




Ryuzo "Richard" Nakao,




Ryuzo "Richard" Nakao / President

Ryuzo "Richard" Nakao, president of the company worked with a Japanese multinational trading company MITSUI & CO., LTD for twenty years. Within twenty years of experience with Mitsui, Richard Nakao has accumulated professional knowledge and skills in international trading and marketing.