Eco & Renewable Energy

Wind Turbine Generation System, enecomTM

enecomTM is an innovative wind turbine technology developed in Japan which represents the top class of patented technology in the world. It offers environmentally friendly renewable energy.

The technologies of enecomTM have been developed by Dr. Prof. K. Seki, Tokai University, in Japan over a period of nearly 15 years as a Japanese government project.

The design of the blades is based on Professor Seki's innovative aerodynamics theory. It utilizes less, slower and variable directional wind. As a result, it enables the production of more energy and more stable production. enecomTM offers many advantages over conventional wind turbine systems.


Please click here to see our Harbor Island Wind Turbine Project in San Diego video


  • Omni-Directional

All blades produce rotating force regardless of wind direction.


  • Wind Receiving Area is larger

Similar Diameter as Propeller type → Receiving area is 27% larger
Utilizes less, slower, and variable directional wind

  • Low Noise

Very quiet. Unlike conventional propeller type
Suitable for residential areas


  • Mountable to Rooftops

The system can be installed horizontally as well as vertically
Height is adjustable
Suitable for office buildings, factories, and grid towers


  • Higher Productivity

The blades are straight and its cross section is identical along blade line, which is suitable for mass production.
Low Maintenance Cost
Main body is made of steel and the blade is of Fiber Reinforced Plastic, which is very strong and promises low maintenance cost


  •     Electricity Supply for small communities
  •     Rooftops
  •     Heating System
  •     Advertising Tower
  •     Monument
  •     Melting Snow
  •     Freeze Prevention

We offer variable system capacity from 0.5kw to 270kw. The capacity is customizable.

Please click link for specifications:

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2kW Straight Wing Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
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10kW Straight Wing Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
Adobe Acrobat Document 156.6 KB
50kW Straight Wing Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
Adobe Acrobat Document 69.6 KB
100kW Straight Wing Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
Adobe Acrobat Document 65.6 KB
270kW Straight Wing Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
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Video clip of our Straight Wing Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

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A CD with more detailed information is available upon request.
For more information, please contact our Energy Division (858) 752-6140.

Nakao International C&E is an authorized sales representative for Wind Turbine Generation System, enecomTM


Smart, Sustainable Solutions
Steril-Aire UVC Emitters™ are systems-engineered to deliver the highest output under HVAC conditions (50º F @ 400 fpm air velocity), providing the best germicidal control. Installed in new or existing HVAC systems, Steril-Aire germicidal UVC keep components clean to reduce energy and maintenance costs.

Steril-Aire is the Leader in UVC for HVAC
Steril-Aire devices are used around the world in hospitals, laboratories, schools, government facilities, offices and homes. They are also effective in reducing mold and bacterial contamination during food processing, packaging and storage to enhance quality and safety and extend shelf life and product yield.

Healthy Building, Healthy Bottom Line
Steril-Aire offers a rapid return on investment with an average payback of less than 2 years. Our UVC for HVAC can keep your building healthy by improving indoor air quality. Steril-Aire germicidal UV will also keep your bottom line healthy by lowering utility bills, reducing maintenance and prolonging HVAC equipment life.


  •     Energy Savings:     

 Lowers energy costs by improving HVAC system heat transfer and increasing net cooling capacity. 

  •     Maintenance Savings: 

Continuously cleans coils, drain pans plenums and ducts, reducing or eliminating manual cleaning

          and the use of harmful chemicals.

  •     Improved IAQ
  •     Water Conservation:   

Reclaiming clean condensate for tower makeup, irrigation or gray water flushing reduces water and

          waste water costs.

  •     Extended food shelf life:

Reduces food spoilage

  •     Rapid Return on Investment:

Offers a return on investment in less than 2 years. 

  •     LEED Contribution:

UVC may contribute to LEED points in one or more areas.


  •     Commercial Buildings
  •     Health Facilities
  •     Libraries / Museums
  •     Schools
  •     Industrial Buildings
  •     Hospitality

Nakao International C&E is an authorized sales representative for Steril-Aire UVC Emitters